The last school year ended June 4th.  I went into work for a full day on June 5th.  And, we left the country on June 6th.


And we are still traveling.


As much as I have loved this adventure, I’m starting to get a bit homesick.  You might be thinking that I’m being selfish.  How can I not enjoy having the opportunity of being abroad?  People would KILL for this.


I know.  I really love traveling.  I think it’s been a really awesome adventure.  I’m just ready to be back in my own culture.


But, the thing is, we kind of don’t have a home to go back to at the moment.  You see, we subletted our rental for the month of July and the second we return to Iowa, we’re moving all of our belongings from a storage facility into a new place.  (Why?  Our landlord raised the rent 20+%, unacceptable).




France is really lovely.  We’ve been eating better, exercising more unintentionally, and have gotten closer as a couple.  But we do miss some really specific things…


  1. Getting into my car and driving somewhere – I am the world’s biggest advocate of public transportation.  I can navigate the Metro system here like no one’s business.  But, I am really missing the freedom of getting into my vehicle and going somewhere without the masses along with me.
  2. Fro yo – But, Ashley…you’re in the land of pastries and desserts!  I know.  I can’t eat any of it.  And while the ice cream is divine, it’s abhorrently expensive.  I am, however, looking forward to going to Noglu and Helmut Newcake next week (both places are 100% gluten free).
  3. Chinese/Thai/Mexican/Diner food
  4. Speaking English to waiters so I can tell them I have a food allergy – We still haven’t eaten out very much in France (although Scotland was AWESOME), and for me, it’s mostly because I’m scared of getting really sick.
  5. Speaking English without fear of being pickpocketed – We try really hard to speak French to one another while in public.  This works 80% of the time as our vocabulary is that of a 1st graders.
  6. Air-conditioning – I know it’s hot in the US right now and it’s a bit toasty here.  Y’all have central AC or wall units.  The French do not believe in this.
  7. American TV without bypassing the Hulu filters – Yes, I found a way to utilize Hulu here.  If I told you, I’d have to kill you and I don’t want to do that – I’d miss you too much!
  8. Normal wall plugs.

We have 9 more days left in Europe and we’ll definitely be making the most of it (and are excited about it!).  But, we are ready to come home after being gone almost 8 weeks.


What has the longest time you’ve been away from home?  

What do you think you’d miss the most if you were abroad?


5 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. I get homesick about the 9th day…I feel discombobulated!…and I think I miss pretty much the same things as you….although I have never feared getting pick-pocketed…I believe 10 days has been the longest we have been away…the best part of going away is coming home…new digs.! ♥

  2. “Homesick” comment

    When I lived in Austria, I think the thing I hated the most was the realization that I was stuck in American traditions I didn’t know existed. Such as stores that are open 24/7, not celebrating every day in May as a saint’s day (and most of my friend there could tell me the saint but not what he/she did), and getting all my shopping done before noon on Saturday. Back in the 90s, pretty much everything was closed Saturday afternoons and Sunday where I lived — except gas stations, coffeehouses and restaurants. But when I moved back to the US, I remember being “homesick” for the Austrian things I learned to love so much — more vacation time (and cheaper), awesome food (especially wine and cheese), living among historical and architectural amazements, and the public transportation (I miss trams!). So in your last few days — relish those French things you know you can’t bring back with you 🙂 And remember there’s a bunch of us who can’t WAIT for you to return!!

  3. When I spent like 11 weeks living in Washington I definitely got a little homesick around the fourth or fifth week, but by the end of my time there the last thing I wanted to do was return back to Wisconsin. Though the huge difference is that I lived in the same place for all 11 weeks… I think if I had to move city to city every few weeks it would have felt a lot less like a place to call my own.

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