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So, being 7 hours ahead of my family and friends has made for some interesting Facebook and email reading in the morning.  And not so much in the afternoons.  To be honest, when C is at the archive, I’m not the bravest person, so I’ve been taking massive liberty to online window shop.  One of my most favorite shops is ModCloth.  (This should not be a surprise considering at least 1 pice of from my past monthly shopping posts have been from there (OK, not the last one).)  I love the vintage-y feel and super flattering silhouettes.  Also, their customer service is phenomenal.  A skirt once broke on me after one wear and they were so nice in their response when I contacted them.  They’re the friendliest and the best.  (Side note: Biggest wish?  To be a ModCloth blog ambassador, for reals).


Anywho…I’ve been perusing their site rather religiously lately and thought I’d share some of my top picks.


ModCloth Wishlist July 2013

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  // 6

Since we’ve been in Europe, I’ve noticed that 90% of women wear skirts and dresses and look so effortless.  I am not this way during the school year and quickly become bored.  After I purchased a fabulous Jessica Simpson Bow Dress (from ModCloth, natch), I’ve been wanting to take my morning thoughts from “Yup, good enough” to “Wow, I feel pretty today!”  It’s finally time.  This will be the year this happens and of course, I’ll be using the ol’ blog to document it.

1.  I’ve been coveting Emily & Fin dresses for years and have yet to take the plunge to purchase one as an $80 price tag is a bit scary for me.  They have so many different designs, but the cut looks so flattering on many different figures.

2.  I’ve been wanting/needing a black blazer and this one has a polka dot lining (*swoon*).

3.  This black maxi dress is perfect for teaching.  I’m not worried about giving a peep show due to it’s high neckline, but it would feel like jammies during work.  WIN!

4.  This skirt is the perfect mix of casual and professional.  It would look great with a v-neck and statement necklace!

5.  This tulle skirt is just the right price and what a fun piece!

6.  And a scarf to balance it out.  I love the coral color!

What’s your favorite online shopping venue?  What have you been coveting this month?


6 thoughts on “ModCloth Wish List

  1. Lately it has been RedAppIeLipstick (Gluten-free)…I love the muted colors and how it feels and no chemical taste…I always look at ModCloth and want to get something… have not yet…but Ashley be brave..go out and explore…you may regret not doing it…after all you are in PARIS… There is so much to see!

  2. Modcloth is my go to online store if I’m looking for a cute dress to wear for a wedding or shower. I can pretty much guarantee no one else is wearing the same dress! Oh, and that blazer is amazing…

    • Mine too! My goal for this next school year (as a teacher, my world revolves around the Aug-June calendar) is to expand my wardrobe with pieces from there. Their pieces are always so quality.


  3. I LOVE that scarf! This post triggered a good hour of online browsing. Modcloth is great. I’ve never convinced myself to buy anything from the site yet, but I know I’ll give in soon. There is just so many cute clothes!

    • LOL. I am a scarf-hoarder (I seriously have a problem). ModCloth is definitely worth a purchase. And you’re welcome for the hour of browsing. I had to cut myself off so new arrivals can come in! 🙂

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