Weekly Workouts – 07.08-07.14

Oh hi!  I know…I have a problem with dropping off the face of the earth for days at a time.  We were vacationing in Scotland (rough life, I know) and i wanted to spend every moment I could with the husband while he didn’t have to be in an archive.

Anywho.  Last week’s workouts and training for the Brewers Mini Marathon?  Um.  Not super impressive…

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 6.51.16 AM

Monday – Travelled from Auch, France to Toulouse, France.  Walked a lot.

Tuesday – Flew from Toulouse, France to London, England.
Endured a 6 hour layover, flew to Edinburgh, then took a train to Stirling.
Walked to dinner.

Wednesday – Trained it up from Stirling, Scotland to Edinburgh.  Walked a lot again.

Thursday – Needed to run.  Got 4.21 miles in by doing an out & back to Edinburgh Castle (#nobigdeal).
Then, proceeded to walk 6.3 miles around town.

Friday – Took a train to North Berwick, Scotland.  Super cute town.  Reminded me of Galena, IL.

Saturday – Hiked & walked 8.47 miles from our rental to Holyrood Park/Arthur’s Seat.  It was BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday – Ran 4.25 miles along the Edinburgh canal and aquaducts.  Another beautiful run.
Then, we hopped on a plane from Edinburgh, Scotland to Paris, France.

We had a really fabulous time in Scotland and I was really sad to leave.  A recap on our trip will be coming later this week!

We’re in Paris now (SO EXCITED!) and C will be returning to the archives sometime this week.  That means that training will resume as well.  Let’s see what’s on the docket for this week…

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 6.59.38 AM

The beauty of being 7 hours ahead is that I’m already done with my run for the day!  I went on a solo run from our rental to the Champs de Mars park where the Eiffel Tower is located.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s tempo run with C and doing some sightseeing as cross-training on Wednesday.  We’ll see how the rest of the week goes from there.  Here are some views from my run today… 🙂


How did your week of training go?  Link up with Jen and I!

Coffee & macarons


10 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 07.08-07.14

    • I know! I couldn’t help but smile when I was running today. I am trying to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

    • Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. Looking forward to my normal routes back home though (which I know sounds kind of sad…). 🙂

    • It is pretty fun, I must say. I am so fortunate that the husband gets to go on research trips. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve been pretty proud of myself that training hasn’t gotten completely derailed. Not being in a grid-system has made for some pretty interesting runs though! Haha.

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