Weekly Workouts – 07.01-07.07

aka: Week 2 of training.

Last week went fairly well…

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.09.46 AM

Monday – Easy 3.25 mile run.  I focused on form rather than speed.
I realized I bring my shoulders really close to my ears and that needs to stop.

Tuesday – Warm-up and cool-down of 2.14 miles.  This sandwiched a massive stair workout with Hubby.

Wednesday – Tempo run of 3.39 miles in just over 27 minutes.  I decided
(since it was my first tempo run)that I would take the first
~10 minutes at a 6.5-7 effort and then push it to a 8-9 effort for 15 minutes.
I had a pre-determined turn-around point which ended up being too soon.
Shucks.  Good run though!

Thursday – Easy 3.83 miler.

Friday – Rest, glorious rest.

Saturday – What should have been my long run day didn’t happen.
I didn’t sleep at all the night before so I decided that I would cross-train this day.
This also did not happen.  It’s OK though.

Sunday – 8.07 miles.  This is the second long run of my plan and I think it went fairly well.
I should have left an hour earlier than I did, but life happens, ya know?

I’m proud that I got in all my miles this week (something I was not good at during marathon training) and that I got one day of legitimate cross training in.  I’m not super excited that I didn’t cross train on Saturday, but that’s an easy fix.

On the docket for week 3:

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.20.10 AM

Monday – 3.5 miles easy.

Tuesday – We are travelling all day from
Toulouse to London to Edinburgh (by plane)
and then to Stirling (by bus).

Wednesday – Speed work!

Thursday – Easy 4 miles.

Friday – Easy 4 miles.

Saturday – 10 mile run.

Sunday (not pictured) – Cross train in some way.

Goals for week 3:

  • Continue to get all the miles done.
  • Cross train!  And it’ll be OK to sub in a cross-train day for one of the 4 miler’s above.  It depends on how my joints feel.

How did your training go this past week?  Are you signed up for any fall races yet?  Let Jen and I know!

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