Reasons Why Running is Awesome *LINK UP!*

The moment is finally here!  It’s time to express our love for running with Amanda and myself!  Amanda and I became “blends” by figuring out that we were both running our first marathon on the same weekend!  I ran the Illinois Marathon and she completed the OKC Memorial Marathon.  Lots of encouragement was given both in the blog world and Daily Mile and I’m so excited she’s letting me co-host this link-up!  She’s the best.  It helps too that she is also from the Chicagoland area and moved to a flyover state.  We’re a special type of girl, ya know?  🙂
My biggest reason that running is awesome…
I’ll admit, after my stint of high school track and cross country, I was itching for another sport.  So, during my freshman year of college, I tried out for (and made) the Novice Women’s Crew team.  I had a blast.  I ended up running ~30 miles/week and rowing for two hours 6 days/week.  I was exercising so much that I lost 10 pounds my first semester of college instead of gaining the normal 15.  And then I had shoulder surgery to repair a (really old) torn rotator cuff.  Cue the gaining of 35-40 pounds over the next 2-3 years.  Yikes.I didn’t seriously start running until I was student teaching (and was desperate to lose weight to get a job).  So, as petty as it sounds, I started running again for weight loss purposes.  Every calorie I ate had a time equivalent on the treadmill.  Not only is this terribly unhealthy, but it made running a chore.  Gross.

When we moved to Iowa, C and I started running together because it was a free form of entertainment.  But, to be truthful, I still didn’t think running was super awesome.That is, until 6 months after we got married.  I was tired of being on the high end of the BMI chart for my height.  I decided it was time to do something.  C really enjoyed running and I wanted to enjoy it as much as he did.  So, I suggested that we run a half-marathon for our first wedding anniversary.  He agreed and the rest is history.Through a training plan, I found the stability and confidence that I needed to be a good wife, a good teacher, a good friend and an all around good person.  To put it bluntly (and maybe a tad dramatic)…running saved me by giving me the confidence I so desperately needed.  Yeah, sure, I lost weight (a good 25 pounds) during that first half-marathon.  But, running gave me so much more!  I became stronger, fitter, and my body image changed along with my actual body. Running became not only good for me physically, but also good for my soul.  It gave me a way to have delayed and immediate gratification at the same time.  It allows me to set SMART goals that I can achieve in the (very) public setting of races.  The energy at running races is so inspring!When I was thinking about what I was going to write for this link-up, I thought of some really good reasons and some fun (yet superficial) reasons…you know…like general fitness, weight loss, get to buy cute running gear, and are able to casually drop the fact that I’m running/run 10 miles in one day.  But, the reason listed above?  Is definitely why I love running and will continue to do so until I am physically unable to.

So, what’s your reason?  If you’re a blogger, write a post, grab a button, and link up.  If you’re a reader, share in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Reasons Why Running is Awesome *LINK UP!*

  1. This is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. It’s good for people to know that running doesn’t have to be a chore and that it actually can be unhealthy if you do it for the wrong reasons. I’m so glad you love it now! Thanks for hosting with me! (And daaang you lost 25 pounds training?! Nice!)

    • Your reason was way more light-hearted. For reals.

      Haha, yeah 25lb…(gained 10 back when the next school year started)…I was hard-core into My Fitness Pal and basically stopped drinking for months. I also wouldn’t recommend that lifestyle to anyone either. Everything in moderation, right? 🙂

  2. I loved you story! What you said about running giving you confidence… I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think there is also something to be said about running with your husband and setting goals together (even if they aren’t the same, as in my case). So cute how you guys did a half for your anniversary! Love it!


  3. Running……why……I run at MY pace, because it something that only I can do and just be me! I am able to just think about my inspirations, a 6 yr old battling cancer, a 15 yr old with Celiac’s, my Dad….and my Mom, ALL of my kids. Plus the awesome workout clothes out there! Then I like to lift after a run. I truly enjoy seeing my muscles grow and change. I know I am weird like that. But at my age I can finally say that I look AWESOME and believe it.

  4. What a great story! I love that you were so open and honest about what running has done for you.

    Also- when I logged on your blog, I did a double take. Great lookin’ blog 😉

  5. LOVE this post. I completely agree. I was overweight and in a low point of my life when I started running. I have had many injuries since, but my goal is to stay healthy enough to complete a half. I think this was an awesome link-up idea. Thank you!!

  6. I totally agree, Amanda! Before running, I would work out solely for the purpose of losing weight. When you do that, it’s only about calories in vs. calories out – not fun! Running gave me a way to accomplish new goals outside of just losing weight (which also happened as a side benefit!). I also agree that accomplishing these goals creates confidence that carries over into all areas of life. Thank you so much for hosting this link-up! This has been a lot of fun! 🙂

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