High Five for Friday


  1. I discovered the best oatmeal combination ever.  Seriously you guys.  Take 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup of water, 1/2 a banana and put them in a pot until the oats are nice and creamy.  Add ~2ish tablespoons of water and a good shake of PB2.  Then, the best part, add a huge dollop of Nutella in the middle.  You.are.welcome.
  2. We’re off to Scotland next week!  I’m so excited to speak English for a bit.
  3. C and I laid out in a park to get our tan on. The best quote from today? “I can feel my pasty-ness burning off”  He cracks me up. Also,  I have an amazing case of runners tan.
  4. We celebrated the 4th of July in our own way yesterday by drinking lots of French wine.  I’ll get my fireworks fix on July 14th for Bastille Day in Paris.  NBD.
  5. {Shamless plug} – I’m hosting a fab link-up on Monday about why running is awesome and you should join!

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What wonderful things happened to YOU this week?


5 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Scotland? How exciting! I assume you’ll have lots of pictures and I can expect to enjoy a vacation through your recap post, right? Because I know I’m sure as heck not taking one 🙂 I have yet to have a nice enough day to lay out and attempt to get some color. I’m going to have to embrace my blinding white a bit longer.

    • It is pretty delicious. The nutella really gives it that extra something. Mostly it’s like eating dessert for breakfast. YUM!

      Thanks for reading! xoxo

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