Weekly Workouts – 06.24-06.30

Week 1 of training for the Brewers Mini-Marathon went great!  Let’s break it down…

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.14.25 AM

Monday – What was supposed to be an easy 3 miler turned into a 3.25 mile fartlek.  At an overall pace of 7:53, I was extremely surprised pleased.  A solid start to any training plan.

Tuesday – Speed work.  Using DM, I mapped out a 0.25 mile stretch along the Gers River (tough life, I know).  My workout called for 5 x 400m, so I ran a 1.1 miles for a warm-up, then a speedy 400 (.25 miles) and then recovery jog back to the starting point.  My goal was to run these at 1:55 (7:40 5K pace) and what actually happened was…

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.17.57 AM

I just went for it which is probably poor interval form, but it felt great to just go fast.  After the speed workout was done, I ran a 1 mile cool down back to our apartment for a grand total of 4.6 miles.

Wednesday – I did a 20 minute yoga workout on an iPhone app and hated it.  I felt stiff and the verbal instructions were poor.  There wasn’t enough time to breathe into the poses.  App rating?  C-.

Thursday – What was supposed to be another easy 3 miler turned into a 3.7 mile “oh no, I got lost” run.  I decided to explore the trail in the other direction which loops around the municipal swimming pool and large rugby stadium.  Three wrong turns later and I finally found my way back to the trail (also looking at a map on a street corner helped).  I felt like I wasn’t putting in a ton of effort but ended up running at a 8:22 pace.  I am totally attributing this to the speed work. 🙂

Friday – Rest day.  C and I check out the cathedral in town.  It is HUGE.  And so ornate.  It celebrated it’s 500th anniversary in 1990.  Wow.  I really do love European churches and cathedrals.

Saturday – Long run.  To ease back into a training plan, I ran 6.31 miles at 8:25 pace.  I ran the first half with C (he started his marathon plan) and he turned around and ran home halfway through.  He’s much better at setting an easy pace than I am, so I ended up running a negative split for this run.

Sunday – C and I went on a 2.23 mile walk together.  It was really nice.  And a bit toasty.  Stretched when we got home and called it a day.

Looking back on this week, my cross training was rather pitiful.  I feel as if I took advantage of those days, but it will be different this week!

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.13.18 AM

Monday – Easy 3 miles.

Tuesday – Tempo run for 30 minutes.

Wednesday – Cross Training.  Am planning a jogging a bit to warm-up and then doing some stair work.

Thursday – Easy 3 miles.

Friday – Rest.  I believe our plan is to go to the pool. 🙂

Saturday – 8 mile long run.

Sunday (not pictured) – Cross train.  I am planning on busting out the Pinterest workouts for this one.

How was your training this past week?  

What is your favorite type of cross-training?

How do you do a proper tempo run?

Link up with Jen and I and let us know!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 06.24-06.30

    • Too bad Baby G can’t ride a bike yet, that would be some awesome speed work! We should invent a track-friendly stroller… 🙂

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