High Five for Friday

Via Etsy

Via Etsy

  1. I bought a basil plant for 1 Euro last weekend and it’s thriving.  I’ve been loving using (very) fresh basil for dinner this week!  It makes me a little sad that I wasn’t able to plant the herb garden I wanted to this summer. But, I’m in France.  No reason to be sad!
  2. My first week of training for the Brewers Mini Marathon is off to a great start.  I did my first speed workout EVER along the Gers River, so that was pretty cool.
  3. I confidently (I think?) went in to a French pharmacy and got what I needed.  It made me miss home a bit where you can anonymously walk into any drugstore, get what you need, and leave.  Especially when it’s for something kind of embarrassing.
  4. We only have one more week in the town we’re in before we jet off to Scotland and then Paris!
  5. I bought a second match of macarons at the local grocery store and am so excited to have them for dinner tonight!

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5 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. It is so amazing that you are in France! It is definitely on my list of places to go when I am able to travel. I will be able to put those three years of French in high school to use! haha

  2. Love your blog!! Found you through H54F 🙂

    Keep it up with that basil, you’re already far more successful than I’ve been. I’ve killed 2 basil plants and 3 orchids. Pleased to report, though, that I’ve been able to keep my husband and two dogs alive for quite a few years. 😉 Have a great weekend!

    • Aww, shucks!

      I’m actually pretty surprised the basil plant isn’t dead yet. But, I am relieved that the husband has survived years of my cooking!

      Your blog is also awesome!


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