June Buys

June 2013 Buys

Grey Canvas Toms | $46.47

Black J.Crew Factory Rainy Day Flats | $12.30

Total = 58.37

The month of June brought the end of my third year of teaching and a trans-Atlantic journey two days after.  The month of May and June were dedicated to purchasing items for my trip before we left.  In this post, I asked what shoes I should bring for the majority of the walking we would be doing on our trip.  After reading lots of comments and Facebook love, I decided to go with the Toms and I couldn’t be happier.  They are my second pair of Grey Toms (the old ones were worn out) and I’ve tried to take better care of them than the last pair.  I also purchased a pair of “Rainy Day Flats” from J.Crew Factory and scored a major deal – even the cashier was surprised and went to do a price check.  They are made of plastic with a ribbon bow and are perfect for rainy weather.  However, they are not ideal for walking around when it is NOT raining.  My pinky toes and left heal are a tad ripped up from walking almost 3 miles in them when it wasn’t raining (even though I totally thought it was going to!).  I’m looking forward to wearing them out to dinner in Paris because they don’t look like rain shoes and they’re much nicer than the Toms (although I do have a pair of dressy sandals that I could also use).


I’m pleased than I’m far under budget this month – but I’m definitely rolling over the extra money into next month’s budget while we’re in Scotland and Paris.  I have a few things that are on my mind for those locations (perhaps a chunky sweater in Scotland & a nylon Longchamp bag and cute skirt/dress in Paris?) so I’m really looking forward to searching for those things in the coming weeks.


What did you buy this month?  Are you saving up for anything?


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9 thoughts on “June Buys

  1. you are way under budget! I’m pretty jealous of those rainy day flats – I passed some up at both the factory store and at goodwills, but now I’m kicking myself because they would have been perfect for rainy Seattle! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

    • They are pretty nifty. Vacation is going well – hope you are enjoying yours also – been loving your instagram feed! 🙂

    • Do it! I’m still thinking the price was a fluke. They were marked down to $15 and then there was a sale going on at the Factory Store.

    • They are definitely my favorite type of shoe! There’s a periodic table version I really want too…haha. 🙂

  2. I’m also jealous of the rainy day flats! I was eyeing them, but never saw them get cheap enough online. They would be so perfect for all the rainy days we’ve had lately!

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