Weekly Workouts – 06.10-06.16

Marathon Mondays will be taking a temporary hiatus until more training for fall marathons start.  We’re in the works about something fun when it comes back, so stay tuned!

Last week was our first full week in Europe and I was quite productive on the running front!

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.54.46 PM

I ran a total of 18.24 miles and I’m very pleased with that.
The Gers river runs through the middle of Auch and there’s a really well-maintained 4 km trail along it (Promenade Claude Desbots).  Our apartment is approximately 0.4 miles away from the nearest entrance ramp (because I am SO not going down STAIRS to get on the trail) and I’ve had a lot of fun exploring it.  We live at the 2km mark so a quick 3-4 miler is really easy to get in.  I’m looking forward to exploring the southern half of the trail once part of a bridge is repaired.

Since it’s summer and I’m on “break-mode” (and I don’t have any major races coming up), my main goal is to build up my base to 25+ miles a week and start including things like hills, stairs, tempo runs, and sprints to my workout.  Right now though, I’m just trying to enjoy the run (something I forgot how to do during marathon training).  I have a mileage goal of 21 miles this week and I’m already 3.25 miles in!  I’ve really been enjoying my morning runs with all the French exercisers, but I think it’s almost time for me to get off the trail and into the main part of the city.  Since I don’t have access to a car or bike, walking/running is my only way of exploring the town.

I also have AWESOME news!  I was offered a middle school girls cross country coaching position at my school!  It’s a new position for this year so that there is a better adult:student ratio.  I’m ecstatic!  I’m so looking forward to the already existing coaching staff and instilling a passion of running into my athletes.  I immediately registered for the coaching license class and will be starting that (literally) the day I get back to Iowa (which is about 3 days after we land in the States).  I also have an application for our local Girls on the Run chapter in for programs that start at 5:30pm for girls in grades 3-5.  Perfect. 🙂

How do you explore new places?  

Have you ever coached before?  Any advice? 



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