Bienvenue a Auch!

After taking a nice little bloggy-break, I’m back and more ready than ever!  OK, so we left off in Paris and a delicious vegan quinoa recipe…


Last Sunday, we took what was possibly the WORST train ride in history.  What was supposed to be a long day anyways (8 hours) took a little over three more hours.  It.was.awful.  We emailed our host on Air BnB that we would arriving late and hoped for the best before we hopped on a connecting train from Toulouse to Auch.  When we arrived in town around 10pm, we walked to the apartment building and buzzed.  To no response.  We tried calling our host.  No response.  We tried texting our host.  No response.  Then, four Jersey Shore-looking guys walk down the street and stop 20 feet from us and start speaking in rapid-fire French.  This is officially worst case scenario.  We walk back down to the Gers River and try to game-plan and decided that if we hadn’t heard back from our host by 10:30, we’re finding a hotel.  At this point (I kid you not) we are standing on the river bank so no one could see us (and all of our belongings).  We then turned on the data function of C’s phone to try to email our host again as a last resort.  (Side note: I really don’t want to see that bill).  FINALLY, at 10:38 as were making our way back to the train station to get directions to a hotel, our host calls us.  “Oh, I thought you wouldn’t get in until 11!” she explained.


Kids, 7 + 3 = 10 in any language.


After that extraordinarily rough start, we’ve had a great time so far!  We are currently in a little town called Auch.



And it is beautiful!


The town center at night – great front view of the Cathedral.

View from our bedroom window.

View from our bedroom window.

We are here for four weeks because the regional archive has loads of documents that C needs for his dissertation.  He has been in the archives looking at really old documents and taking great photos so he can translate/transcribe them when we get back to the states and I’ve settled into a nice little routine:

7:00am – Get up.  Say “hi” to the cats.   They belong to the owner and live in the apartment.

Pascha & Misty

Pascha & Misty

Eat breakfast, drink coffee, say bye to C when he leaves for the archive.

Go on a run.

View of the Cathedral from a bridge over the Gers on a run last week.

View of the Cathedral from a bridge over the Gers on a run last week.

Stretch, ab-work, shower.

Make lunch.

12:00N – Walk to the archives and have a picnic with hubby.


The sign at the front of the park. There are tons of municipal buildings here and the archives are about 0.4 miles from this sign into the park.

Walk home.


Round trip walk of 2.86 miles.

Get groceries, do laundry, browse Pinterest, catch up on my Bloglovin’ feed.

(Will start being productive and planning for the 2013-14 school year this week…boo.)

Hubby gets home.  Have glass of wine.  Start making dinner.

Eat dinner.  Do dishes.

Relax.  Watch terrible dubbing of American shows (like ER!  It’s called “Urgences” here).

I really like it here.  It is small enough where I feel safe to be by myself without a phone, but big enough that having to walk EVERYWHERE is like getting in a second workout for the day (see: walking 2.86 miles just to have lunch!).

Also, it took me 10 days, but I finally caved and bought this:


In case you were wondering, it was delicious a top a piece of gluten-free toast.  Will have to savor this.

I’ll be back later today with last week’s workouts – they were awesome. 🙂



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