How to: Pack for France



The goal for us to be able to carry everything in our packs.  Mine is a Deuter 65L…and I LOVE it.  Since we will have laundry access, I’m bringing a week’s worth of clothes.  Below is a more detailed version of what I’m bringing…


1. Scarves – I’m bringing 4 different scarves (which may be overkill) – pink, yellow, silver, and a black/tan yoga print.

2. Shoes – Gray Toms, J.Crew Factory Flack Rainy Day Flats, running shoes, and nice sandals.

3. Black and tan print dress – it doesn’t wrinkle!

4. Jackets – I’m bringing both a rain jacket (monogrammed!) and a light The North Face fleece jacket.  It’s going to be more chilly than it is here in the states.

5. One long sleeve shirt.  I bought this boat-neck gray and white striped long sleeved tee from H&M last fall.  Best purchase ever.  It’s thick, but breathable and the sleeves are super long.

6. Light tee’s – These are either my favorite type of tee (Target V-Neck!) or little tee’s I bought from Forever 21 two years ago.  I’m bringing way too many of these, but not only will I have options, but if one gets totally ruined (wine spills, I’m looking at you!), I can toss it.

7. Two tank tops.  Perfect for tucking into skirts or under a sweater.

8. Toiletries – I’m planning on buying my toiletries there as I don’t want to travel with huge bottles.  But I am bringing dry shampoo (Suave – the best!), travel-sized shampoo and conditioner (so I can shower when I get to our first apartment), Tylenol PM (to help me sleep on the plane), facial wipes, and make-up. As for make-up, I’m bringing tinted moisturizer, mascara, eye shadow and lip balm.  That’s it.

9. Four pairs of socks.  I’m brining hiking socks for the plane and three pairs of SmartWool running socks.  They don’t get smelly so I do wear them more than once.  I know that’s gross, but it totally works.

10. Bathing suit!

11. As for bottoms, one pair of jeans is more than appropriate.  I’m also bringing two pairs of khaki shorts (5″ inseam because I am not in high school anymore) and a pair of black dress crops.

12.Three sweaters – one black cardigan, one grey cardigan, and one striped pullover.

13. Workout clothes – six pairs of shorts, six wicking shirts, a pair of workout crops and a pair of leggings (for the plane).

What would you bring in your pack?



6 thoughts on “How to: Pack for France

  1. Don’t forget compression socks for the flights. DVT is a problem for any age and unless you get up and move every hour you are at risk. Have a great trip….we just returned from a river cruise on the Seine and a few days in Paris!

  2. I am so impressed with your packing skills…but I would add flat iron, a few pairs of earrings, blush, and about 10 pairs of underwear (which I’m guessing you packed and didn’t mention). xoxo Berez. PS: I love number 11.

  3. I loved this post! We’re doing a Mediterranean cruise in August, and I’m a little nervous about packing for Europe when it’s so hot! I’m also nervous about doing so much walking. Normally, I live in my J.Crew flip flops, but I read that most Europeans equate flip flops with tourist… so now I’m worried about what I’m going to wear while walking around. I think I’ll go with TOMs too…I have both navy and red.

    I’m definitely rambling–sorry! I found your blog today, and it’s super cute. I also just found out I’m intolerant of gluten, and making the change has been SO hard. I’m Italian, and we Italian girls LOVE our carbs!

    • Hello! *SO* happy you stopped by – have been following you for a bit now. 🙂

      While I’ve been here, I’ve seen a TON of Haviana Flip Flops (in Paris and in Auch), like a surprising amount. So, I’m sure you’ll be fine with J.Crew flops. I’ve been wearing Toms and “fancy sandals” like the J.Crew ones, and I’m more local-looking with the sandals than the Toms (they are THE BEST shoes for all the walking I’ve been doing).

      Also, us GF girls (OMG, I miss “real” carbs) have to stick together. I’m living in the land of baguettes and croissaints for the summer so finding food for me has been a really interesting experience. A post on that is coming up soon!


      • Yay! So glad to be friends! I will have to keep the flip flop thing in mind. I hate being “touristy” when I visit places–the more I can assimilate, the better. I also live in Tory Burch Revas, so I might bring those for when I have to be a little more dressy (for dinner, etc).

        Dude, this GF stuff is killing me. It’s like the older I get, the more random things I’m allergic to. At least it’s not celiac or anything–I mean, I CAN eat it, but I just pay the price for it the rest of the day. It doesn’t help that I’m super lazy and hate cooking.

      • Assimilating was our main goal too. I bought the husband plain colored tee’s from Old Navy so he wouldn’t have to wear his old Marquette Alumni tee’s in Europe – no joke, he’s thanked me for buying him the shirts (#proudwifemoment). You will be fine!

        Yeah, the GF thing popped up for me when I was 21. Lately, dairy hasn’t been sitting well and when I don’t eat a ton of meat I feel much better too. What I wouldn’t give to eat chicken (real) fettucine alfredo just once without feeling awful. So, basically, I totally know how you feel. 🙂

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