Weekly Workouts – 5.27-6.2

I had an amazing week last week!

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.48.08 AM

Monday – Memorial Day run of 6.21 miles

Tuesday – 3.1 mile run around our local park and down the riverfront.

Wednesday – Got adjusted at the chiropractor and went on a 4 mile walk to the library.

Thursday – Rest.  Drove home in an awful storm and all I wanted to do was drink wine and sit on my couch.  So I did.

Friday – 5.1 mile run around City Park (before it flooded).

Saturday – 4.05 mile run.  Eh.

Sunday – 4 mile run that was the fastest run I’ve taken in the last six months according to DM.  After moving stuff all day Saturday and Sunday, it felt really good to get out there with no music, no phone with just a watch.

Plan for next week:

Monday – We need to pack up our belongings.  So, this might be my workout.

Tuesday – Adjustment & run.

Wednesday – Run

Thursday – Run and fly to France!

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Run?

Sunday – Run?


I am so excited to fly to Europe this week!  But, there is so much to do this week before we leave.  School dismisses for summer tomorrow, and we’re putting our stuff into storage today and tomorrow.  Ahh!!


How did your week go?  What do you do to exercise in your busy schedule?

The Preppy Runner



8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 5.27-6.2

  1. Oh My Gosh!!

    I am SO excited for you!! I will be excited to read all about your trip. Looking forward to reading about your gluten free finds in Europe too. Miss A and I want to do some ‘experimental’ baking this summer. Tired of being in a rut. Plus we are going to be running some 5k’s here. XC workouts start on 6-10-13.

    • You guys can drop off your experiments ANY time next year. 🙂

      I’m really looking forward to the challenge of eating/cooking GF in Europe (especially France). Tell Miss A to run fast for me! 🙂


  2. Packing is a work out! Enjoy the trip, can’t wait to hear all about it, gluten free eating is one of the reasons I am nervous about going back to Europe.

    • I’m so excited to share EVERYTHING about our trip. I found dedicated gluten free bakeries and restaurants in Paris and Celiac’s disease is becoming more known there. 🙂

    • So close! We have to see kids tomorrow for a half day and then we are DONE! I can’t wait to take tons of pictures and cook in Europe. 🙂

  3. Um… first of all, I’m ridiculously jealous you are going to France. Second, looks like you had a great workout week! I haven’t worked out literally all week (but I ran 13.1 miles last Sunday so that’s cool right?) I’m planning on getting back into this week, although I’m afraid to run a lot since my ankle has been so bad lately. But I was also in Maui so that’s a good reason to rest all week right? I can’t wait to hear about France and see the pictures I know you’ll post!


  4. Very nice job this week, and congrats on your speedy run! That’ll be nice to go to Europe! How fun it will be to be able to run in France. Do you know where you’ll run or know the area or just will make plans when you get there? So cool.

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