May 2013 Buys

I know I went over budget this month but it’s all for a good cause!




Grey Cardi | Target = $19.99

Black Cardi | J.Crew Factory = $24.50

5″ Chino Shorts | J.Crew Factory = $39.50 (for both)

Skinny Ankle Jeans | J.Crew Factory = $39.50

Rain Jacket | Marley Lilly = $59.99

Total = ~$185.00

This month, I focused on buying high quality pieces that would last me a long time.  I especially needed the shorts since I owned zero pairs of non-running shorts.  The cardigans are basic, but high quality so I can donate my lower-quality cardi’s.  And the jeans are ones that actually fit! Woohoo!  The rain jacket was a bit of a splurge, but I’ve eyeing it for a while and should last even longer.  There are still a few more items that I need to purchase for our trip, but I’ll wait until next weekend to do that (June budget, baby!).

What did you buy this month?



7 thoughts on “May 2013 Buys

  1. That rain jacket is SO cute! I want to buy everything monogrammed, but I’m being a bit silly in thinking my initials might change within the next two years but maybe I should just buy some things anyway 🙂 Also I love those chino shorts!

  2. You bought some awesome basics! I can’t tell you how many black cardigans I’ve had to buy and re-buy because I bought them cheap and they wore out. Much better to spend a little more and then have something that lasts you a long time!

    • Me too. I just put two black cardis in the donate pile. Quality over quantity at this point in our lives, right? 🙂

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