An unimpressive week.

This is how I feel about last week’s workouts –

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.49.26 AM

The week started out so well!  Wednesday’s run was the best I had felt in a LONG time and it was at a killer pace.  The two 5K’s on Tuesday and Thursday weren’t so bad either.  On Friday, instead of taking advantage of the sunny weather with a quickie 3 miler, I decided to be spontaneous and indulge in walking to Happy Hour with C.  “Oh,” I thought, “I’ll run on both Saturday and Sunday…it’ll be fine!”  Nope.  Torrential downpour both days.  Con of not having a gym membership, huh?

This week’s plans – 

Monday – 6.21 miles (done!)

Tuesday – Run or Yoga (not sure yet)

Wednesday – Run

Thursday – Long walk

Friday – Run

Saturday – Yoga or Run

Sunday – Run (6.5-7 miles)

Goal mileage for this week = 20 miles (yep, I know the 15 mile goal didn’t happen last week, so we’ll see here)

I am still slowly building up my base level of fitness before I delve into half-marathon training for the races I want to do in the fall (which are still being determined based on our insane travel schedule in August and September).  I’m also trying to get in as many miles as possible before we leave for Europe (first world problem) so I don’t feel guilty about not running for a few days.

How was your week?  How is the weather by you?

Link up with Jen and I and tell us how it went!

The Preppy Runner



5 thoughts on “An unimpressive week.

    • Awww, thanks Jen. You’re so right. I’m trying to not let my life be controlled by mileage. There’s so many other things to look forward to! 😉

  1. Everyone is entitled to a slow week here and there! I had a great week. I put in some great miles last week, between running and walking. This week, I am going to focus on some cross training days to round everything out.

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