Thursday Threads – 05.23

Happy Thursday, loves!  It’s almost the weekend!



Sweater | Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Crops | Banana Republic

Flats | Payless

It was cold, gray and wet this morning and it was one of those days where I couldn’t get out of bed.  And then I didn’t know what to wear so I seriously considered wearing jeans.  I’m happy I didn’t cave because I’m pretty sure that would be frowned upon so close to the end of the school year.  This is a go-to type of outfit for me – cute top, crops, and flats.  I’m at the point in the school year where I feel like I have zero combinations of outfits left and all I really want to wear are Norts and race tee’s.  Also, I’m trying out the side-braid today.  I dry-shampooed and teased the top of my hair and then did a loose braid held together by a couple of bobby pins.  My hair is super layered so the bobby pins were necessary.

In other news, my pack and carry-on bag for France came in the mail yesterday!  I’m really in love with my carry-on:


Lands End Large Zip-Top Tote in Navy/Natural

I bought this specific bag because it was on sale, has a zip top and an outside pocket.  Out plan is to have everything fit into our big packs, but then take stuff out just for the plane rides.  It’s also easy to roll up, so I’ll be able to stuff it in my pack once we land at Charles de Gaulle.  My plan for its use within Europe to be a market bag.  This thing is MUCH bigger than I thought it would be.  In fact, it’s so big that it should probably be the carry-on bag for both C and I.  It’s going on a test run today for school and I fit everything in there even my gym bag.  🙂

I’m also getting a hair cut this weekend and I’m not sure whether to just get an overall trim or to go shoulder length.  What should I do?

Until tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “Thursday Threads – 05.23

  1. I hVe that lands end bag. Love. I saw go all out and do something different with your hair. No point in spending money to come out looking the same!
    Emma @

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