Marathon Monday – 05.20

So, I’m pretty sure the great state of Iowa has skipped spring completely and dove right into summer temperatures…

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 9.16.11 PM

Screen Shot via Accuweather – I am THIS excited about Thursday’s weather.

My runs (however few they were) happened, but they weren’t super great.  With the sudden crazy-hot temperatures, my water intake isn’t up to snuff, so I will need to recalibrate how much I should drink and I’m hoping to see improvement when I start going back to the gallon-per-day.

This past week…

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 9.15.07 PM

Monday – ~12 mile bike ride.  It was pretty hot out, so I was happy I was on my bike and not running that day.

Tuesday – Vinyasa Yoga (It’s showing up on Wednesday…shucks)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4.05 miles.  This.was.miserable.  Hot + dehydrated + dead legs = slow, painful run.  But, hey, 4 miles is 4 miles, am I right?

Friday – Rest – I hosted a baby shower!

Saturday – 4.11 miles.  This went better.  But, I also ran in the morning before it was 90 degrees and humid.  Good call.

Sunday – 5.14 miles.  This is the longest I’ve gone since the marathon.  I’m feeling pretty good about it.  In the third mile, there was massive headwind the.entire.time.  For the rest of the run.  Oh well.  I’m slowly building up my Sunday long runs in order to see if I should register for the Brewers Mini-Marathon in Milwaukee at the end of September.

Plans for next week:

Monday – Easy run or bike.

Tuesday – Hot Vinyasa

Wednesday – Easy run or rest

Thursday – Easy run

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Easy Run

Sunday – Easy run

The main goal for next week is to get my weekly mileage above 15 miles.  After riding the 13-14 mile weeks for the past two weeks, I’m feeling pretty good about this. 🙂

How was your training this past week?

The Preppy Runner



9 thoughts on “Marathon Monday – 05.20

  1. Same here with the weather! The never ending winter right to days that feel like summer. My training is going well. I was a little lame with the cross training but I got my runs in. Back to cross training this week 🙂

  2. We kind of skipped over spring here too. I normally like running in the summer but it’s been such a cold year so far that I’m not sure I’m ready to run in the 80’s. I should start drinking water now

  3. Getting pretty hot down here on the Gulf coast too…moved my long run (10-miler this week) to dawn Sunday to avoid the worst of the heat. Won a fuel belt at a running group meeting tonight 🙂 so one less thing to buy, now to break it in! All in all a good week total miles equal to the last two weeks put together – looks awesome when you put it in words like that!!

  4. I hear you on the weather change! I had to do a morning running in my thermal tights last week and then last night my face was melting from the heat and humidity! That made for a very uncomfortable run.

    • OMG. That sounds AW-FUL. Too big of a swing in too short of a time. I’m dying to get up to MSP, btw. 🙂

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