Detox OVER

So, um, the detox didn’t go exactly how I had planned and I’ve kind of been dreading writing this post.  But, instead of saying it was a total bust (because it wasn’t!), I’m going to say that I learned some important lessons.


  1. You can’t just quit sugar “cold turkey” – This was the worst decision I’ve ever made.  While I’m not OK being “addicted” to sugar, I think that we (OK, me) deserve a treat every now and then.  The week post-marathon I bought more full-sized candy bars than I’d care to admit (which was the inspiration for the detox in the first place).
  2. Ditto for dairy – Cutting back on dairy was much easier than sugar, weirdly.
  3. You need to change the diet gradually – I think back to when C and I first started dating.  We were big on pasta (obviously pre-GF) and Stouffers frozen meals.  Over time, we started having the protein-starch-veggie trifecta, gave up applesauce for real apples, switched out chips for carrots and gave up soda completely.  But, this took YEARS.  It didn’t just happen within a week.
  4. Lowering our meat consumption saved us mucho dinero – For reals.  We had meat once last week.  And then again when we had a cook-out on Saturday.  My grocery bill was MUCH lower.
  5. Eating less meat is forcing me to be creative – If I was just feeding myself, I would have the most boring diet ever.  But, since I cook for two people, I like to be able to switch it up every now and then.  I found this cute blog with tons of tasty, cost-effective meatless meals.  Jen’s’ blog also has some amazing recipes I can’t wait to try.


Something else I discovered about eating less meat (OK, and sugar…and dairy) is that I feel better.  So, C and I made a deal.  I’ll have a glass of wine more often (more than twice a month) and we’ll drastically cut our meat consumption down to once-twice a week.  When we made that deal, I remembered Michael Pollan (am dying to read his books, btw!).


Taking on this new “diet” (not the word I want) is the next step in our evolution to become healthier.  We’ve made so much progress and we’re looking forward to seeing how this affects our health, our running, and our overall lifestyle.


How often do you serve meat?  Do you ever do any meatless meals like “Meatless Monday”?



6 thoughts on “Detox OVER

  1. I don’t think my husband would let me do meat that infrequently- he has to have it almost every night for dinner. I could do without, so I will def check out that blog for recipes that don’t involve meat. Sugar would be hard for me, I have a big sweet tooth! And I do buy lots of fruit, but it doesn’t seem to last that long with me and my 3 year old home all day, lol

  2. Nice job with the detox! I never serve meat except for the occasional requests from my kids. What you’re going through sounds so much like my search for optimal nutrition that has ended with a total plant-based diet. My husband and I were shocked by how much money we saved when we stopped buying meat.

  3. Great job making some positive changes in your diet, and feeling better for it, too. We’re flexitarian- lean toward vegetarian, but eat meat occasionally, too.

    • I thought it wouldn’t go over well and then I explained it was WAY cheaper to be “flexitarian”. He’s doing well so far… Haha. 🙂

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