April 2013 Buys

Another month of shopping means another month of linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers!

April 2013 Buys


Grey Lauren Conrad Sweater | Kohls = $28.00 (Had 20% off coupon!)

Pink Sleeveless Tech Tee |Target = $10.00

Leopard Print Flats | Target = $13.00

Hot Pink Calf Compression Sleeves (not pictured) | Scheels = $10.00

Total spent in April = $61.00

April was so.freaking.busy (Forensic Science PBL & marathon!).  I bought the sweater at Kohls because I was looking for jeans for C.  The flats were because I had 15 minutes before I was supposed to meet two girlfriends for a movie (and Target is one of the endcaps at the mall).  I did, however, fill in a hole in my closet with those flats.  And, to top it off, two days after I bought them, one of my sorority sisters posted a photo on my Facebook wall saying she had found the perfect shoes for me (Thanks Gina!).  The workout tank and compression sleeves were bought specifically for the marathon.  I’m hoping that next month will bring me more purchases for our trip to Europe!  I’m so excited to share details of that soon!

What did you buy this month?



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