Running – There’s an App for That!

Update – I submitted this post as one of my biweekly posts for the Marquette Educator on April 26th, 2013.


I have (yet another) confession to make.  I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there.  Yes, I have a blog, other social media accounts, and multiple Apple products, but I’m more, um, tech-comfortable.  With that, I recently started using two apps that are the BEST.

(1) Endomondo – I’m probably really late to the Endomondo party.  As someone who is pining over a Garmin Forerunner 10, this is the perfect placeholder until I save up that $130!  Using your phones GPS system, it tracks your mileage, pace, and time.  My favorite feature is that at every mile marker, it quiets your music and tells you the mile #, total time, and lap time.  AND, at the end of the run, it keeps a record of your lap times so you can see which was slowest and which was fastest.  *SWOON*  I’m a huge data nerd.  In addition, if you upgrade to Endomondo Premium, it will also track your heart rate.


Screen shot from my last run. Via my iPhone.

Something that I’m not super confident about is the calories burned portion.  It calculates that based off of information you input – including gender, weight, and height.  Since I haven’t (and probably won’t unless free!) upgraded to premium, I’ll just have to use the calories burned as a general guide.  Endomondo is available on multiple platforms (including iOS, Android, HTC, and Blackberry) and also connects to My Fitness Pal.

(2) What Should I Wear Running– I recently heard about this from Allie on Twitter.  But, I still waited a week or so to try it out for myself.  I really like it!  It gives you a general sense of what to wear on a run depending on the weather and whether or not you like to be warm, cool or in-between.


Via iPhone Screenshot

For someone that’s been “seriously running” for almost 18 months, I’m still really clueless about what to wear depending on weather and distance.  “What Should I Wear Running?” is available for iOS and Android (for sure).

What kind of running apps do you use?  Which ones are your favorite?



3 thoughts on “Running – There’s an App for That!

  1. I started running with the training apps, which were wonderful until my goals outgrew them. Currently I do all my GPS type tracking with Nike+ (free) on my phone, and all the rest on dailymile. I have to confess, I have a gadget wanna – a Fuleband! But until I save up that $150, I’m glad there’s an app for that!

    • I use DailyMile as well, but I’ve found that Endomondo is much more accurate. I totally still use DM to track the workouts, but now I feel more confident about the mileage I’m inputting. I’ve heard great things about the Fuelband! If you get one, I can’t wait to hear about it!

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