I Heart Tapering

It’s time for another round of Marathon Monday with Jen!  And I’m late to my own link party.  (Nice one, Ash.)

It’s finally the three week tapering period.  I have been looking forward to this since the half-way point of training.

Last week went fairly well…

training week of 04.08

Monday – Rest.  We worked a “day and a half” to make up for a snow day and a professional learning day.  I left school at 5:30pm.

Tuesday – Hot Vinyasa

Wednesday – 4.5 miles…no watch!  I am really loving that feeling.  I changed into my running clothes after school and drove straight to the trailhead of the Iowa River Trail.  I ran until the 2.25 mile mark and turned around.  I estimated my time on Daily Mile from the car clock when I left the car and when I got back into the car. It was a pretty speedy run!  Hooray!

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 4 miles.  Post- happy hour run.  I guess the one beverage I had really made the hills much more manageable.

Saturday – 10 miles.  Ohmigosh…you guys.  I pulled the biggest noob mistake ever for my (planned 13) 10 mile run.  I forgot fuel.  Of any kind.  I was four miles out when I realized it too.  “Huh,” I thought, “we’ll see how this goes.”  Well, knowing that glycogen stores tank at aroung 60-90 minutes of activity, I reached my turnaround point at 1 hour exactly and took it easy for the next 30 minutes.  I made it 10.01 miles.  I’m actually really proud of that run.  I felt strong, I felt great, and I had a boost of confidence (finally!).  I walked a little over a mile until a restaurant where I called C to pick me up.  He met me about 0.5 miles later in the car.  We had a good laugh.  I am such an airhead sometimes!

Sunday – Hot Vinyasa – I am getting SO much better at this!  I am getting some upper body strength so I longer collapse to the ground during a hover.  I am also getting better at Upward Facing Dog and Tree Pose.  I love seeing results!  We’ve talked before how I’m a data-nerd, so this is a big deal for me.

Alright, here’s the plan for next week…

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Hot Vinyasa

Wednesday – 3-4 miles

Thursday – 3-4 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 8 miles

Sunday – Hot Vinyasa

Random thought 1 – During happy hour on Friday, I was lamenting to one of my teacher friends that I’m not confident about the marathon (which is less than two weeks away).  She said, “Ash, just focus on this race.  Don’t worry about the next one you may or may not do.”  She was so right (thanks Laura!).  Let’s see how this race goes before I jump into another full marathon plan.

Random thought 2 – I am back on My Fitness Pal for the tapering period.  I am not going to let 15+ weeks of training get waylaid by poor eating choices.  (PS: Whole food challenge coming soon!)

How did your week go?  Do you love tapering as much as I do?  Grab a button and join the party.

The Preppy Runner
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PS: Linking up with Meghan & Kat!


10 thoughts on “I Heart Tapering

  1. Good job this week! I still have one week left before I taper. Its interesting to see different plans since our race is the same day. I didn’t get any hot yoga in last week so I’m going to try to go this week.

    • Thanks Allie! Your plan is super intense. Maybe I’ll try that one for the next (?!) marathon. Haha, let’s get through this one first. You rock!

  2. I’m tapering too! My race is in 2 weeks, and I decided to not eat dessert until the marathon is over. It’s partly a little reward for me and partly because I realized I’ve been eating too many sweets. I am right there with you! Yay for tapering!

    • I’ve been trying to cut down on sugar too for the next week or so! I was feeling so BLAH. I am really in love with tapering though. Oh? The trails are flooded? No worries…I’m tapering. 🙂

  3. 1 more week and I start taper. All your thoughts are completely normal, we all question everything when we taper that’s why it is called “taper madness” Hang in there and focus on what you have done 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I am trying to keep calm and take (very large) breaths and count to 10 before I open my mouth at this point. You all are such inspirations to me!!!

    • Thanks! I have been kind of a whiner throughout the last half of training. I’m really hoping that if I ever do another marathon (let’s get through this one first!) that the training will be a bit easier. Thanks for the love!

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