…no, not like the old MTV show, but actually unplugging from all the digital-ness.


Let’s start at the beginning.


At 7:20AM this morning, 35 minutes before first period was scheduled to start, the following announcement came over the PA system:

“The internet is down and will be all day.”

The groan heard throughout the building was audible.  I laughed.  “Haha,” I thought, “we’re doing notes today. I don’t NEED the internet.”


But, wait, yes I did.  To print said note sheet.  Shoot.


We managed.  I wrote out the note sheet by hand (old school!) and made copies and the day went great.


Actually, it was better than great.  It was one of the best teaching days I’ve had in a long time.  Students weren’t distracted by social media, the teachers weren’t distracted by the never ending barrage of emails we get and learning was done by all.  Hip hip…hooray!  But, it got me thinking about how much technology plays into my life.


I am constantly connected to something electronic.  C and I joke that if I don’t bring my purse into church with us that I’m going “off the grid”.  This is funny, yet ridiculous.  I teach with a computer in front of me, C and I both have iPhones, we love our Hulu Plus subscription and we need internet like we need a pulse.  I’ll go to yoga or go on a run and feel this impulsive need to track it immediately on Daily Mile.  I constantly check Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest when I’m home.  I’m actually surprised I get any work done while sitting at my kitchen table.  This has to be unhealthy.


One of my favorite bloggers, Mama Laughlin, has this new rule where she “unplugs” from technology to spend more time with her family.  This small change makes so much sense!  Maybe if I turned my phone off, then I could actually find 10 minutes to read the new issue of Runners World (btw, totally the highlight of my month every month).  Maybe I could read a book before I go to sleep to wind down.  Any book.  Made of paper.  Maybe I would sleep better if I didn’t feel the need to stare at a small screen right before it’s lights out.

Here’s to a new challenge – I am going to try to unplug after dinner for the rest of the week.  This means no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, work email, G-Mail, or Google Reader after I leave the dinner table.


Hulu is still fair game though.


Will you unplug with me?



PS: It’s my 100th post!  WOOHOO!


5 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Yikes, that will be tough! Not sure I can do it, maybe from dinner until kiddo’s bedtime 🙂 I have a terrible habit of checking email constantly!

  2. Sometimes I wish that we could just go without all the technology in our lives, but then I remember that I’d miss Google too much. lol. Seriously though, it is nice to unplug every once in awhile especially because as far as technology goes, even when you are “alone”, you aren’t really. There is too much social media/email/whatever to use technology without constantly being expected to connect with other people.

  3. I think I’ve gotten worse about this lately since I don’t have a job to go to during the day. At night I try to unplug. My husband reads every single night and goes through books like crazy, and even thought I LOVE reading, I have gotten out of the habit. Reading before bed is so awesome, though. I try to do it every night, even if just for a few minutes.

    • It’s been a struggle for me this week. My blogging has gone down quite a bit because I’m trying to not check every other social media site when I do it. Let’s try it for another week! 🙂

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