Marathon Training Recap – Week 15

…or why this race needs to be over NOW.

In terms of working out, I had a great week.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 8.15.36 PM

Monday – I went rollerblading and had a ton of fun.  I looked absolutely ridiculous, but I totally forgot what an amazing glute/ITB workout it is!

Tuesday – 3.55mi run and Hot Vinyasa

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4.16 mile run

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Hot Vinyasa

Sunday – 13.46 mile run.  Yup, it was supposed to be 20.  But at one point, my knees were KILLING me.  I’m dedicated, but not stupid so I walked the 1.2 miles home.  I call it my cool down of shame.  And, this was the run that C rode his bike with me.  It was very sweet and there was some ugly tears when I realized I needed to head back.

In terms of running, I’m exhausted.  My pace has gotten considerably slower in the past 15 weeks.  It’s extremely frustrating to have gone from a 8:20 mile to a 9:20-9:36 mile.  After discussing it (at length) with C, we think it’s because of muscle fatigue.  Is this even a possibility?  I’m really looking forward to the tapering period so my legs can rest up.  For the marathon in three weeks, I think I can do it.  I officially have no time goal.  My goal is to cross that finish line.  Even if I look like a hot mess. 🙂

I’m also really quite embarrassed.  My two-half marathons were awesome.  I was always on point with my training plan and my pace rocked.  Why is it when I decided to blog about my weekly training that it went completely down the pooper?  Shucks.


Goals for next week:

(Next week is the first week of the three week taper.  I am SO excited.)

Monday – Rest.  We get to work 1.5 days to make up for a snow day and a missed PL Day!  Hooray!

Tuesday – Hot Vinyasa

Wednesday – 3-4 mile run

Thursday – 3-4 mile run

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 10-12 mile long run OR Hot Vinyasa

Sunday – 10-12 mile long run OR Hot Vinyasa (not sure which instructor’s class I want to go to!)

How was your training this week?  How do you handle tapering?

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10 thoughts on “Marathon Training Recap – Week 15

  1. Is this your first marathon? The first one takes SO much out of the body, with all those long runs. It could definitely be fatigue from overtraining, while your body tries to figure out what is going on. 🙂 Cutting back a little bit should help a lot.. and usually the next round of marathon training feels a bit easier because your legs have done the distance before. (but it’s always hard!)

    • Yes, this is my first marathon. I think my body is finally fighting back, haha. Like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!”

      I think if I survive this one, I’m hoping that the next one (???) will be relatively easier.

      I’m doing the sugar detox soon!


  2. The training is the hard part! I swear! You’re going to finish and it is going to be grand. At this point in the game… if you need rest REST! You’ve got the base to get you where you need to go on race day.

    • Thanks Falon! I think the next three weeks will be good mentally and physically. Thanks for the pep talk. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear your 20 miler didn’t go as planned. You did the right thing with listening to your body! I will agree with Laura, this is my second time around training and it’s much better. Glad to see you are still enjoying hot yoga!

  4. Smart to take it easy on the long run. Tapering is a mental game, you will feel aches, you will question your training, you will go crazy wondering what you did right/wrong. Push this all aside, take a deep breath and be confident in what you did and that your body can and will be just fine on race day 🙂

  5. I’m starting my taper too! Don’t get down on yourself. You’re doing great! I know it’s frustrating, but it could be fatigue. Don’t push it. BTW, your “i’m getting slower” pace is my “oh my gosh how am i running this fast i am FLYING” pace, so cheer up 🙂

  6. My training weeks are finally going great! I know tapering is necessary but I find it difficult to not run or run considerably less than I had been. It’s all so mental!

    You’re going to rock the 26.2!

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