Becoming one with the run.

…or how I need to start enjoying running again.

I had spring break this past week.  And with a whole week with no teaching, I was really looking forward to sleeping in, getting in some killer workouts and completing some work in advance.



Let’s recap what happened, shall we?

Monday: Short and sweet 3.55mile run.  No watch.

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: 5.52 mile run.  No watch.

Thursday: Ran 7.3 (no watch!) because I needed to meet C to watch our alma mater play an embarrasing game of basketball.  Marquette advances to the round of 32.

Friday: Quick 4.16 mile run (no watch) before a friend of mine got to town.

Saturday: Hot Yoga class at a studio by my home.  My friend came with and was super fun…and free!

Sunday: Nothing.  Planned out 18 mile run.  Snowed all day.  Stressed out thinking about even changing into my running clothes. Decide to take mental health day.

Aside from the obvious negatives (mileage was low, didn’t get the long run in, it’s still freaking snowing out), I’m going to focus on the positives here…


  1. I ran stress-free this week.  Not wearing a watch was crucial.  
  2. I’m becoming more “one with the run”.  I’m focusing more on my form, breathing, and body messages.
  3. I’m trying to listen to my muscles when they need a break.  My tush and hamstrings are tight.  I took Sunday off in order heal up for the last five weeks (whoa!) of training.
  4. I went to my first hot yoga class and LOVED it.  I had gone to a hot pilates class before and enjoyed that as well.  I will definitely be going back to Zenergi!

The rest of my life:

  1. I have a four-day school week.
  2. One of my college BFF’s visited.
  3. I’m going to France this summer.

How did your training go?  Are you mind over matter or do you listen to your body/muscles?  Tell me all about it by linking up and grabbing a button!

The Preppy Runner
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PS: Linking up with Meghan & Kat!

PPS: Have you entered the Target & Starbucks giveaway yet? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Becoming one with the run.

  1. Nice week! Sorry about your 18 miler getting snowed out. You can make it up elsewhere. And nice job on going watch free and being “one with the run”. That is such a hard thing to do. I’ve been trying to do it once a week, but this week I just had to wear my watch on the one where I normally don’t.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ashley! I know I’m going to hit those mental and physical blocks as I get more into the marathon training, and I will think back on this post.

  3. One more reason I give thanks for living on the Gulf Coast – the rest of the country is the Land That Spring Forgot, but here in Houston I’ve been blessed to have temps in the 70’s nearly all month! Too bad your long run got snowed out, kudos on finding your “zen”; I still use my phone to stay “on track”, but I am beginning to look beyond the clock and listen more to my body. Great post, I’ll be back!

  4. Oh my goodness I KNOW what you mean about being stressed out just thinking about running. I had to cancel my long run too, so I’m kind of glad I’m not alone (although I’m sorry for you!) I was sick all week and had to skip. Whatevs, right? We’ll get it!

  5. Great job this past week! France is going to be amazing. I need to find my love for running too and I know the only way to get there is just to log the miles.

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