Five Faves for Friday: Travel Edition

I have a seeeeeeecret.  And, I’m super excited about it!  But, let’s make it a game – guess where I’m going this summer?


Favorite Pack:


Favorite Packing List:



Future Favorite Restaurant:



Favorite Romantic Gesture:


Favorite Mode of Transportation:


Have you guessed where we’re going yet?









We are going to Paris, France!


C received a highly competitive, prestigious award in order to do research abroad for his prospectus (a pre-dissertation proposal).  He will be abroad for six weeks and I will join him for 2-3 weeks.  We are so excited!  We went to France two years ago, but didn’t make it to Paris.  Time to brush up on my French!



10 thoughts on “Five Faves for Friday: Travel Edition

  1. That’s amazing! You will have so much fun! 🙂 Will you be staying in a hotel or I guess, C (your bf?) will be living in a house or apartment of some kind? When are you leaving?

    • I think we’re hoping to rent a studio. And our schedule is up in the air because we’re waiting to see if C (husband) gets into a seminar/if I get my summer gig. I’m hoping to go in June/July. I’m super excited! It’s still pretty surreal.

    • We *just* found out yesterday so I still can’t believe it! We are super excited. I’m mostly excited for the food. And maybe running along the seine. 🙂

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