WANTED: Feminine Flannel Shirt!

One of my favorite current trends at the moment is the button down shirt.  I love it paired with a sweater, with pearls, tucked in, hanging out, casual, dressed up.  But, my biggest problem with button downs is that they either fit in the chest and I look like a box OR they fit in the waist and I look like I’m about to have a peep-show.  Even double-sided tape can’t fix that problem.



Flannel Shirt | American Eagle {Similar}

Grey Tank | Old Navy {Similar}

Jeans | American Eagle {Exact}

Boat Shoes | Sperry Top Sider Angelfish {Exact}

I bought this shirt during my first year of teaching.  In order to make it more “fitted”, I folded over the fabric in the back, and safety-pinned the shirt to itself.  Classy, I know.  I figure since I don’t see it then it doesn’t matter, right?  (The answer, BTW, is wrong.  The students I had during my first year of teaching teased me mercilessly about it).  Polo Ralph Lauren shirts used to be PERFECT.  The slim fit was a godsend.  But since I lost weight, the shirts will fit in the waist and be crazy tight in the chest.  These boat shoes and I go back a long time.  Spring 2010, to be exact.  They are still super comfortable and they are definitely broken in.  I don’t think I’ll be replacing them anytime soon, either.

Also, do you like the “no make up” look?  It’s all, “I’m on spring break!  No make-up for a week! WOOHOO!”  But, I think I look tired?  Do I look tired? 🙂

Where can I find feminine, fitted, but appropriate button downs?  How do you deal with trends that don’t work for your body?



4 thoughts on “WANTED: Feminine Flannel Shirt!

  1. I have found the only ones that fit me right are from Banana Republic which is annoying because that means they are pricey. I’ve tried similar styles at Gap and Old Navy but they are both way too boxy. Good luck!

  2. I have a number of good button downs from Express, and I also recently fit back into button downs from American Eagle, but they’re pretty old. All of the button downs I wear are a little more dressy (so you probably wouldn’t find flannel ones like this) and perfect for work. I’m pretty busty, so I have to leave the top buttons undone and wear a good cami underneath. The shirts from Express are a little more tailored so that they aren’t boxy around the waist.

  3. Try Theisens. The carried women’s carhartt flannel shirts that looked like a trim fit. I saw them at the 16 Ave SW store…..so maybe Coralville has them too.
    BTW…..we found Glutne Free Pasta at Target…..Archer Farms brand so it is a bit less expensive….bonus.

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