67% of the way done!

Another Monday?  Another weekly recap of training with Jen!

Last week is one that I’d rather not talk about for a while…Two 14-hour work days followed by awesome & horrible news on Wednesday led to a week of pretty poor mileage.



But, on a positive note, I tried something a little different on my three runs… Rhythmic Breathing.  After reading the newest issue of Runner’s World, I knew that I was definitely going to try breathing in a 3:2 ratio.  Inhale for three steps, exhale for two.  This way, you alternate which side you land on and decrease the possibility of injury.  Huh.  Totally worth a try.


Wore shorts on St. Patrick’s Day out of principle. Warmed up eventually on that 13.3 mile run!  Yes, those are U-Iowa shorts. 

My verdict?  I really like it.  It’s weird to think about your breathing, but I am taking in more oxygen on my runs which is good.  I’m not feeling any significant differences in my joints, but I’ve made it 12 weeks without any injury (*knocks on wood*).  So, Preppy Runner Approved!


Also, my alma mater (Marquette University!) is a three seed in the East for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament!  This is a HUGE deal.  I also am in love with Marquette Basketball, so…there’s that.

Ring Out Ahoya with an MU RAH RAH!

Ring Out Ahoya with an MU RAH RAH!


This week is our spring break, so here’s to a better week ahead!


How did your week go (hopefully better than mine!)?  Write a post, grab a button and join the par-tay:

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14 thoughts on “67% of the way done!

  1. I need to try that rhythmic breathing. It’s interesting that its supposed to reduce injury possibility. You still had a solid week of miles even with missing a few workouts. Nice job getting in what you did during a hectic week.

  2. Sorry about your week! I read about that style of breathing when I was a newer runner and I still do it. I use my breathing pattern like a transmission depending on how hard I want to run!

  3. I just signed up to get Runner’s World. I’m so excited! Sounds like they have some great stuff. I need to try the breathing thing. I am paranoid about getting an injury. After all this work, it would suck so bad to not race.

  4. Interesting on the breathing, it would be hard to change the way I breath and run. Sorry for the bad week, here’s to a better next week 🙂

  5. I try to do diaphragmatic breathing while running and with other activities. It does help control your breathing. It takes some getting used to but it becomes natural once you practice it enough. I teach it to my pulmonary patients all the time so it’s second nature to me. 🙂

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