Marathon Monday – Week 6 (Training Week 11)

11 weeks down, 7 weeks to go.  

This has been the week of bittersweet.  It seems like this training is simultaneously taking forever and flying by.  How is spring break in one week (and why has it taken so darn long to get here)?!

My week looked a little something like this:


I was supposed to run 36 miles this week and I ran 35.49!  Considering this week the biggest success of all.  Let’s talk about that 18 miler for a second…shall we?


It was miserable and awesome at the same time.  It’s awesome because that’s a new mileage milestone.  It was miserable because it was 38 degrees and raining the entire time.  The route that I had planned went really well up until the Clear Creek Trail (for all you Iowa River Corridor people).  But 20 feet into the trail, it was one part icy and another part flowing river.  I decided to tough it out and when I got to a junction, I realized the trail was either ice or flooded.  Now, around these parts, we had a major drought last year.  So, the first thought I had was, “Oh, it’s flooded, that’s good.”  The second thought was, “Well, shoot.  Where am I supposed to go?”  I ended up turning around and telling myself I had to run in a certain direction until 2 hours and 30 minutes into the run.  After turning around (and hitting little wall), I told myself I could stop running at 2 hours and 55 minutes.  I figured that if I ran 17.2 miles in 2:44, I better hit 18+ by 2:55.  I ended up 2 blocks from my house and literally waddled home.  I definitely earned two rest days in a row (which is only because we have parent teacher conferences two nights in a row).

I came home to fresh Gatorade, Swedish Fish and a dry towel waiting for me on our porch.  You see, I may have reamed out C for drinking “my” Gatorade saved for today’s run last weekend.  I felt like the worst person ever when I saw he went to the grocery store while I was out.  He also came looking for me in the rain, but our paths never crossed.  Best.husband.ever.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

After the world’s longest hot shower, I picked up my wet running clothes and they were heavy.  I was probably carrying an extra 2-3 pounds of just water.  But, I ran 5 seconds per mile faster than last week, so I’m considering it a win.  We’re also supposed to get more snow tonight.  Winter can bite me.  Seriously.

How did your training go this past week?  Any milestones?  Funny stories?  Misery stories?  Grab a button, link up and join the party.

The Preppy Runner
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12 thoughts on “Marathon Monday – Week 6 (Training Week 11)

  1. I supplemented 2 hours on the elliptical & strength training. Officially done marathon training until I have zero shin pain. In other words I’m miserable and bound to go insane. Good job on your 18 though!

    • Aww thanks training buddy. You need to massage that ‘ish. I massage my calves and shins every night. Hurts so bad, but totally worth it!

      • I’ve been foam rolling. My stretching isn’t awesome though, I’m really going to take care of myself this week and try for the 13 this weekend. It’ll shake out I’m sure.

  2. It must have been raining throughout the entire midwest this weekend! Considering you kept going despite the miserable weather, I’d say that you are going to be prepared for whatever the marathon tosses at you!

  3. Way to go finishing that run! I am training for my first marathon, and I had a 20-miler last weekend. It’s so crazy to see that kind of mileage! Fun linkup… I think I’ll join in this week 🙂

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