Marathon Monday – Week 5 (Training Week 10)

Or, the week I realized I need to make running fit into my life, NOT have my life fit into running.

I’ve been a “serious” runner for going on two years (there was a looooooong hiatus from running during college – aka: the fat years).  And there’s always been this sense of guilt if I don’t get my workouts in.  To be honest, I have a fairly demanding job and I want to spend time with my husband.  And, no, I don’t include doing work in the same room as spending QT together.  While it helps that he’s a graduate student, I really do enjoy drinking coffee and chatting, watching TV, or playing Scrabble.  (We don’t have any kids, can you tell?)

Anyways, back to marathon training.

It was another week of not completing the training plan…here’s what what Hal wanted me to do:

2.25-3.3 Rest 4 m run 8 m pace 4 m run Rest 17 Cross 33

Here’s what happened:


That 4.5 mile run on Thursday (which was supposed to be 8, btw)?  I may or may not have walked in my door and started crying.  My legs were tight, they were tired and I was frustrated.  How can I have weeks (plural!) of horrible feeling runs?!  Running is my hobby, my passion and it was (is) starting to feel like a chore.  Totally not fair, right?  So, I’ve made the executive decision to make running fit into my life and not the other way around.

With that in mind, here’s what next week is going to look like:

3.4-3.10 5 m run Rest – PTC 8 m run 5 m run or Cross Rest 18 Rest or Cross 31-36

And even that plan has to be flexible (expect for Tuesday) because we’re supposed to get another round of deep snow this week.  Isn’t it March?  I wasn’t getting on Saturday when I wanted winter to be over.  Do you hear that, Mother Nautre?!

On a huge, massive positive note – I ran 17 miles…in a row!  I may have stopped once or twice to stretch, but I am less than 10 miles away from a marathon.  While I may have collapsed into a snow bank afterwards (best.idea.ever), my legs weren’t that sore today.  I think I’ve hydrated and re-fueled well today, so it’s back to My Fitness Pal tomorrow.  Looking forward to the 18 miler this next weekend.  Here’s to hoping the mid-week runs go just as well!

What are you training for?  I love reading about training stories – link up, grab a button and share your good work by pressing on the Twitter or Facebook buttons at the bottom of the post!

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PS: Also linked up with Meghan!


3 thoughts on “Marathon Monday – Week 5 (Training Week 10)

  1. Here’s the thing…I’m pretty sure Hal doesn’t have a life. Seriously! Who is supposed to have time to fit in a mid week 10 mile run?? Not this girl. When I trained for my first marathon, I maxed out at about 33 miles per week, running 4x per week and one cross training day, doing a long run on the weekend and 3 shorter (3.5-5mi) runs throughout the week. I never take those guides as strict rule. I just tailor them to my own situation.

    I mean, honestly what is the point of running 10 miles midweek, when the POINT of the long run is to get your body ready to run 26.2 miles? You should be proud you ran 17 miles. Listen to your body! If your body is tight and sore, don’t push the weekly mileage – otherwise you are going to hate running and injuries will start cropping up.

    My first marathon, I ran 4:57. I ran the whole thing, felt strong, and finished strong, on a very hilly, everyone warned me how hard it was, course In fact, next marathon I am going to push the pace more (the goal was only to finish this time around). But trust me, as long as you are sticking with the long runs and doing some shorter runs throughout the week, you are golden.

    Sorry, I wrote a lot, it’s just that I hate when people feel down on themselves because they can’t meet the expectations of these stupid guides. Something my dad has taught me throughout my time as a runner is that we just can’t listen to all these “running rules” that are shoved down our throats. We just have to do what’s best for us. 🙂 Good luck. If you have any questions about marathon training or anything like that, you can email me at

    • Thanks Allie! Anything above 15 has been a totally different ball game. It is an awesome feeling though afterwards. 🙂

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