Pros & Cons of Winter Running



I am really over this whole winter thing.  Can it be spring yet?  But, on my 17 mile run today, I realized that there are some positives to training for a spring marathon in the dead of winter.


  • No need for an ice bath! – After a long run, you can simply collapse into the nearest snow bank and ice your joints and muscles.
  • You never need to worry about over heating!
  • Less sweating!
  • Your Gatorade will always stay cool and Gummy Bears always chewy.


  • People who don’t shovel – The snow compacts, melts, re-freezes and becomes a winter version of a slip and slide.
  • – I’m looking forward to a tank top, shorts, and shoes.  That’s it.  None of this tights, three layers, hats, gloves, etc.
  • Blocked intersections – I’ve rediscovered my ability to hurdle over mounds of snow.

Until next time, loves!



6 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Winter Running

  1. Ha! For me, collapse is the optimum word:

    “No need for an ice bath! – After a long run, you can simply collapse into the nearest snow bank and ice your joints and muscles.”

  2. The thing that sucks about winter is that my Shot Bloks literally freeze into the hardest gummy. The only good thing is that I can just kind of suck on them for awhile. Running with a fuel belt also sucks because my water ends up being freezing cold, and it’s so cold wherever it is resting on my body (usually my butt). Still you’re right, there are benefits to winter. One of them being you can wake up super late and not have to worry about it getting to hot out, if anything warmer is better! Congratulations on your 17 miler!

    • Yesterday, I kept my gummies in my sports bra thinking it would keep them warm. Totally worked. Only downside was that I had to unzip and reach down the front of my shirt, but hey…whatever works, right? 🙂

  3. Amen! I haaate winter, and haaaaaaaate winter running. Cold, feel claustrophobic in layers, slippery. Plus, I don’t run in the dark, so until daylight savings, I’m limited on run time after work. Can’t. Wait.

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