February Buys & Thursday Threads

It’s my Friday today!  I know it’s the last day of February, but I’m seriously  bummed that there’s still snow and ice on the ground:


And, even though there’s ice on the ground, I’m totally cuffing my jeans today!


Patterned Sweater | Modcloth (From this post)

White Tee | Old Navy {Exact}

Skinny Jeans | American Eagle = 37.05

Grey Canvas Toms | Tom’s Shoes {Exact}

Yes, the only thing I bought in the entire month of February were these jeans.  And, I LOVE them.  They have the perfect amount of stretch for my ever growing quads and hamstrings (seriously, check those bad boys out!).  Out of my $100 shopping budget, I only spent $37.05.  While I know some people would be really impressed, it just shows how busy I’ve been this month.  I just didn’t have the time to spend at the mall this month.  But, with spring break coming up, I’m sure I won’t be as frugal in March. 🙂

Another post will be up today about my experience in this month’s Foodie Pen Pals program!

Until next time, loves!


PS: Linked up with Franish for her monthly shopping budget series!


2 thoughts on “February Buys & Thursday Threads

  1. Ugh. Snow is the worst (unless you are off all day and can stay in your PJ’s). I know what you mean about sticking to your favorite jeans. Some of my jeans are four years old, and I still wear them because I love them so much. 🙂 Luckily, deliA*s jeans last basically forever. It’s awesome you stayed that much below budget. That’s an achievement in itself.

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