February 2013 Foodie Pen Pals

The Lean Green Bean

This month, I participated in The Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Pen Pal program.  I sent a package to Elizabeth, a Vermont-ian with a love of local produce and freshly baked bread.  {I forgot to take a picture of what I sent her!  Shucks.}

I received a package from Michelle from Florida:


Michelle sent me a plethora of treats, including …

  • a jar of Eggplant Garlic Spread from Trader Joes.  Words cannot even describe how excited I was that she sent me a TJ product.  The closest TJ’s is a couple hours away in Des Moines.  I may have forced C to go to the Trader Joes in both Des Moines and Madison (WI) when we ran half-marathons there.  I miss Trader Joes so much!
  • Gummy dolphins – which were delicious
  • GF Pasta
  • Coffee (my fave!) – A local roast which was truly delish
  • GF/vegan rice krispie treat (that didn’t last very long)
  • and a sticker from her lab!  It’s in my classroom now and I’m pretty excited about it.

In her note, Michelle said that she had just moved to her town.  And, she was excited I was gluten free because it made her go to new places.  No problem, girlfriend.  Everything was amazing!



4 thoughts on “February 2013 Foodie Pen Pals

    • I know! I was so disappointed when I found out Hubby was dipping regular crackers in there (boo for cross contamination). It was delicious though!

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