Weekly Goals, v.2 – {5 for Five}

Alright, another week of goal setting!  Before we get to this week’s goals, let’s see how I did with last week…

(1) Stick to my training plan.

I’m considering this one a success.  I got all the miles in, but not the cross-training.

I blame being sick for, like, ever.

(2) Write C a letter to put in our mailbox.

I wrote him lots of emails, so this one is a wash.

(3) Eat better.

Other than my huge reward meal for rocking my 13 mile run

(oh, and that Shamrock shake from Mickey D’s),  I did pretty well.

Considering this a win.

(4) Get ready for work the night before. 


(5) Get up when the alarm goes off – the first time.


My bed is super comfy and warm.

I also really like listening to the first news story before I get out of bed.

Yes, our alarm is a podcast of the previous evening’s NBC Nightly News.  Don’t hate.


This week’s goals are (drumroll please…)

(1) Pack up my stuff the night before.

We’ll give this one another shot.

(2) Foam roll my legs after dinner every night.

So, I guess marathon training makes your muscles tight.


(3) Space out the stuff I have to grade so I don’t have huge grading binges on the weekend.

Self explanatory.

(4) Write a proper letter to C and put it in the mailbox.

We’ll try this one again too.  He definitely deserves it.

(5) Send out the February birthday cards before it’s not February anymore.

The sad thing is that I bought them weeks ago and have yet to mail them.  Dang it.


Linking up with Party of One for the {5 for Five} series.



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