Halfway Through

It is week 4 of teaming up with Marathon Mom!

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been nine weeks since I began my training for the Illinois Marathon.  That means that I am halfway done with training!  I’m calling this week a success because I got all the miles in (maybe not the cross-training, but I’ll take what I can get).

Here’s what was supposed to happen:

2.18-2.24 Rest 4 m run 7 m pace 4 m run Rest Rest 13.1 28.1

Here’s what actually went down:


The past two weeks were tough in terms of training.  My legs were sore and I wasn’t finding any enjoyment in running.  But then, we had a magical snow day on Friday and I slept a looooooong time.  For two days.  So, for my long run on Saturday, I had two great night’s of sleep, a lot of calories and my favorite mid-run fuel.  Saturday’s run was, for sure, redemptive.  I haven’t felt that great on a run for a while.  And there’s a few things I can do to get over this rut.

  1. I really need to break up with the treadmill.  Like, yesterday.  Treadmill only short runs from now on for “speed work”.
  2. I need to get some more sleep.
  3. I need to eat more calories.
  4. And, lastly, I need to take better care of myself. I had a cold for two weeks and it was awful.

Next week, I have a 17 mile run planned.  Another mileage milestone in the works!  We also have company coming next weekend, so maybe I’ll have a bunch of running buddies. That would be awesome.

Tell me how your training went this week!  Grab a button, link up and join the party!

The Preppy Runner
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4 thoughts on “Halfway Through

    • Oh jeez, I have no idea. I haven’t been on MFP for a while. All I know is that when I started to eat more, I felt better on runs.

  1. Nice week and I am with you on the treadmill! Try tracking calories and see what the breakdown is you may just need to rearrange the types you are eating.

    • Good call. I know I’m fairly heavy on the carbs and protein, but probably am not getting enough fat. I’ll definitely try it out though. Thanks Jen! 🙂

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