What We’re Eating

One thing C and I have done since we were dating in college was cook dinner for each other.  When we didn’t live together, we took turns going to the other person’s apartment for dinner.  At the beginning, it was always a surprise as to what we were having.  But, when we got engaged, we started meal planning so we would have an idea.  This was a great idea for two reasons – the first was that we were still splitting cooking duties and the second was that we had to learn to communicate so we would stop having duplicates.  When we got married and C moved into our house with me, I kind of took over cooking and meal planning duties.  He totally washes the dishes though.  Which is awesome.  Here’s what we’re planning on having this week:

Meal Plan - 2.24-3.2

I am my father’s daughter – I love soup!  And, my dad and I are part of that weird group of people who loves hot soup during the dead heat of summer.  So weird.  Luckily, we are a soup kind of family around these parts.  Friday is pretty special because one of C’s friends are coming to visit us!  So, we are having steaks.  Yum!

On an unrelated note, I am really looking forward to spring!  It will warmer, the chance of snow days will decrease, running outside won’t take tons of bundling up and we can eat on our sun porch!  Until then, I guess I’ll just have to make our (very beige) kitchen more cozy.

Links to recipes this week:


PS: Linking up with Jill!


4 thoughts on “What We’re Eating

  1. Mmm, soup is always a hit. We used to share the meal planning and cooking duties more fairly too, and now it’s mostly me. But he also does the dishes, so I’m happy with that trade. Thanks for linking up!

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