Five Faves for Friday, v.5

After a two week break, Five Faves is back!  Remember to click on the blue link to go to the original source.


Favorite DIY – This skirt, if toned down a bit, would be such a cute addition to any wardrobe.




Favorite Dessert – Two ingredient chocolate mousse?  Sounds too good to be true.  Guess I’ll have to try it to find out.




Favorite Savory – These sweet potato latkes from Erin Cooks look fantastic.  I love anything pancake-shaped, especially if its a potato.


Favorite Fluff – Too cute for words.




Favorite Funny – This is me to a tee.  My grocery list IS in the order I would find them in at the store.



4 thoughts on “Five Faves for Friday, v.5

  1. Love love love that skirt. It’s so hard to pull off big poofy skirts like that though. They have to be like the perfect fit, otherwise they just make you look large.

    Yummm. Two ingredient mousse.

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