Mid-Week Confessions (Rut Edition)

I’m in a rut.

*I have a “uniform” that I follow everyday – dress pants, sweater, scarf, ballet flats.  It’s getting boring and I’m running out of combinations.  I even wear the same pair of shoes everyday.

*I wear my hair the same way – down and straight.

*I teach the same things six times per day, and I feel horrible because sometimes I forget if I’ve told a class something.  I’ve started to make a list at this point.

*My nightly routine is the same.  After I make dinner (C sits and chats with me), he cleans up and I watch TV and/or do some work.  Then, we watch some TV together and go to bed.

*My weekend “routine” is pretty sloppy and thus stressful.  I can spend hours doing blog or school stuff and all of a sudden, it’s noon and I have no idea where the time went.   Then, I panic and stare at the wall and get nothing done.


How do you schedule your life?  Any advice for this mid-20’s girl?



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