Marathon Monday – Week 8 Training Recap

Life has a really funny way of trying to tell you to slow down.

Monday – Totally fine.

Tuesday – Start new/big project with students, joke that this time will not say I won’t get sick because I am keeping the originals.

Wednesday – Feel fine – think karma is taking a break.

Thursday – Sore throat and late afternoon fever.  Am not happy.  At all.

Friday – Have full blown cold by afternoon.  Also have four hour planning meeting.  Must go to school.

Saturday – Sore throat, hacking cough, and no voice.  Perfect.

My poor husband.  I’m surprised he hasn’t bought a face mask yet.  Seriously.

Anywho, back to marathon training.

Here’s what was planned:

2.11-2.17 Rest 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 15 Cross 30

Here’s what happened:


Tuesday and Wednesday’s workouts were awesome!  I ran immediately after school and I could tell there was a huge difference in my motivational level.  After sitting in a car for 30 minutes, I struggle with wanting to do that 7 mile mid-week run.  Thursday, I decided to give myself the day off (see: whiny monologue above), took the scheduled rest day on Friday, tried to make up a little mileage on Saturday and went full-beast status on Sunday.

I can now say that I’ve ran 15 miles in a row and I’m pretty proud of myself. *Pats self on back.*  Definitely looking forward to tapering a bit this week (only 13 miles this weekend!).


Something that I’ve had a LOT of discussion about lately is mid-run fuel.  Last week, I talked about how I use swedish fish and gatorade, but I’m curious as to what others use.  Tell me in the comments!



It is week 3 that I’m teaming up with Jen from Marathon Mom for Marathon Mondays!  Get excited, grab a button, and join the party!

The Preppy Runner
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5 thoughts on “Marathon Monday – Week 8 Training Recap

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  2. Hope that you (and I) feel better soon!
    I also had a 15.5 PR for distance this Friday. I am just beginning to experiment with refueling (silly me, I just thought everyone crashed at minute 70-75)
    I tried a GU gel espresso at 45, then GU bites (gag) at 90, and sipped vanilla chai protein drink at 135.
    I made it anyway which to me was success 😉

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Great job on your miles even though you weren’t feeling so hot! I really like the sports beans to much on during my long runs. When we stop at the water stops I will take a GU (peanut butter is my favorite). I’ve tried Shotblocks but am not a fan. The other day I bought a Honey Stinger waffle to try for my run this coming weekend.

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