Five Faves for Friday (Valentine’s Day Edition)

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Another week means another round of my favorite finds on Pinterest – this week is the Valentine’s Day edition.  I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  It’s kind of a weird holiday to love, but it’s the one day where I can FOR SURE go out and look nice on a date with C (like tonight!).

Favorite Breakfast Idea –  Yup, another donut recipe.  But this one from Shugary Sweets looks perfect.  I better buy that donut pan this weekend!  I would Better Batter flour in place of the flour called for in the recipe.


Favorite DIY: Heart Tee – I love how simple this DIY, but also how great it looks!  It’s not an overwhelming print either.


Favorite Nerd-ness– This is awesome.  Even if you don’t understand the math involved (it’s been a long time since advanced algebra…)


Favorite Treat – The picture says enough, right?  I know what I’ll be putting in my friends’ mailboxes!


Favorite Gift Idea – This is the cutest thing ever.  It’s so much more meaningful than flowers or chocolate.  The owners (Alex and Olga) are one of the cutest couples ever.


Until next week!



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