Thursday Threads – 02.07

Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t wait to get dressed because you’re THIS excited about the outfit you have planned?  Well, today was definitely one of those days.  I *finally* got my order in from ModCloth this week


Bow Dress | Modcloth {From this post}

Black Cardigan | Loft {Save/Splurge}

Tights | Target {Similar}

Ballet Flats | Old Navy {Similar}

This dress?  Is awesome.  I was really surprised to learn that it was  Jessica Simpson dress when I opened up my package.  It has a tailored fit and an A-line skirt which is universally flattering.  One of my favorite Bloggers, Jessica from Bows & Sequins did a post where she highlighted a bow dress from Kate Spade.  I was really pumped that I had already ordered this (and for much less moo-lah).

For people who know me in real life, I’m sure they’re shocked that I’m wearing tights.  I used to despise them.  It’s only recently (like within the last few months) that I’ve come to accept them, especially after wearing running tights this winter.  Plus, it allows me to expand my wardrobe in the winter months.  Also, after looking at the past few weeks of Thursday Threads, I realized that I wear the same shoes almost every day.  They are very comfortable, which is necessary because I’m on my feet all day.

I kind of want to wear this everyday.  Good thing I have a date tomorrow night with the Hubs!



7 thoughts on “Thursday Threads – 02.07

    • Thanks Falon! Oh, calf muscles… my students love to point out that I have “HUGE” calves. All.the.time. So, I definitely appreciate the compliment!


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