Mid-Week Confessions, v. 3 (Why I Run Edition)

My students think it’s hilarious that I run, like, for fun.  The amount of complaining I hear when it’s “run the mile day” in their PE class is enormous (and I think it’s hilarious).  Yesterday, one student asked, “Wait, how do you have time to run?  You’re a teacher!”  I cracked up and quickly replied, “I just run really fast” and moved on to the lesson for the day.  But, that really got me thinking…why do I run?

*I love eating.  A lot.  Especially carbs.  Lots and lots of carbs.


Homemade Gluten Free Veggie Pizza

*I also am my father’s daughter and love butter.

*Two words – bragging rights.

*When I’m on a run, it’s my “me-time”.  It’s just me the path in front of me.

*Running allows me work stuff out.  Sometimes, I start a run with a problem in mind and usually things click into place.

*Although, sometimes the only problem is the long hill in front of me.

*In the same realm, I lesson plan during long runs.

*Running is one of the biggest things C and I have in common. I mean, c’mon, our first wedding anniversary was spent running the Madison Half-Marathon.

*While we don’t have kids (and won’t for a while), we’re looking forward to encouraging the future munchkins to be active and “run” with Mom and Dad.



3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Confessions, v. 3 (Why I Run Edition)

    • Haha! I haven’t quite told my ninth graders (I teach science) that I’m training for a marathon yet, but I will soon. What grade do you teach?

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