Marathon Training Recap – Week 6

OMG – I am 1/3 done with training!  It’s really been six weeks since Christmas?  And it’s only 12 weeks until the race?  What?!

Also, and this was a miracle, I followed my training plan exactly.  Like, to the mile exact.  And on the days I was supposed to run!  It helped that my work schedule was all messed up this week (I went to the gym at noon on Wednesday!), but hey…whatever works.

Here was the plan:

1.28-2.3 Rest 3 m run 6 m pace 3 m run Rest 9 Cross 21

Here’s what I did:

Training - Week of 1.28-2.3.png

This week was the last of the 3 mile short runs until the tapering period.  And, let me tell you, I took major advantage of having to run “just” three miles.  It’s also a “mini-taper” week before next week’s 14 mile long run.  You guys…that will be the longest I’ve ever run…ever.  So, I’m pretty nervous/excited about it.

Due to a completely nutty work schedule this week (lots and lots of bad weather = unsafe driving conditions = school cancellation and delayed starts), I was able to get all my runs in.  Unfortunately, they were all on the treadmill including the 9 mile long run.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to spring so the treadmill and I can take a break from each other. I guess the one positive with running on the treadmill is that I’m able to do some “endurance speed” work by doing pyramid workouts.  I’ve been trying to run at a 8:30-ish pace during the medium runs.  Am I going to run that pace during the race?  Probably not.  There’s currently an over/under bet going on in my house with my finishing time.  The husband is giving me a LOT of credit. 🙂

For cross-training this week, I went snowshoeing with my friend/training partner, Kristin, and her dog, Duke.  Last week, I whined about not knowing how to use cross-training days.  I think I’m going to start using them to have some “active fun”.  We were outside for 75 minutes and I definitely worked up a sweat.  How can you hate cross-training when its this…?


K and her dog.

Also, are one of your cross-training parters this adorable?


This is the first week that I am teaming up with Jen from Marathon Mom for our Marathon Mondays link party!  Join on in and grab a button!

The Preppy Runner
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7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Recap – Week 6

    • HFM – Me too! Me and the treadmill haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately. LOL. Don’t be a stranger around these parts.


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