Thursday Threads – 01.31

I went to the gym before work today, so my outfit is kind of uninspired.  I threw what I knew “works” into my bag and hit the road.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of black and nail polish doesn’t really go with my outfit.  But, the bright pop of color is exactly what I need to not focus on the fact that it’s -20 with the windchill outside.  Woof.

Also, please excuse the bathroom background.  Only slightly embarrassed here.


Black V-Neck Tee | Target {Exact}

Black Pocket Cardigan | Loft {Similar}

Grey-Brown Dress Pants | Express {Exact}

Black Ballet Flats | Old Navy {Similar – I love the colors they have for spring!}

Scarf | Target – Gifted

Nail Color |Essie Marathin

Do you like that hair?  That’s called I only blow-dried the top half and let the bottom half air-dry on the way to work.  I’m so happy it’s not a frizzy mess.

Until next time…



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