Running: Type A vs. Type B


I am a proud Type A runner, but C is a loosey-goosey Type B runner.  Although we do enjoy running together, we have such different running philosophies.  We are both competitive in our own way, but I’m way more overt about it.  Endearing?  Sometimes.  Annoying?  Probably.  In real life, we are the exact same way.  I’m type A.  I was the oldest child, I love making lists, I’m a planner, I get stressed out easily and I’m super competitive.  C is definitely type B.  He was the youngest (of two), he’ll make lists occasionally, but more often he’ll leave things out of place to remember stuff (i.e.: putting a notebook on the toilet to remember to go to the dentist).

Which type of runner are you?  Tell me in the comments!




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