Five Faves for Friday – Week of 01.25

*Update – You have to click on the “Favorite XXX” to go to the real site.  Clicking on the picture will not work.  I’m not skilled enough to make linked pictures. 🙂

Another Friday means another week of Pinterest finds.  Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Favorite Craft
:  Arm Knitting.  Are you serious?  I’m about to hop on over to JoAnn Fabrics RIGHT NOW to get the supplies for this.  15% off for educators!  Score!


Favorite EatI will be definitely modifying this recipe to make it gluten free.  My mouth waters every time I look at it!  And, it’s in the crockpot.


Favorite Quote : Self-explanatory.  I feel a strong pull to order a huge poster of this and hang it in my classroom.  Or, better yet, make my own!


Favorite Home Project: This is gorgeous.  And such a great idea!  If only we owned our house and we had a front closet!  Something to keep in mind when we buy our first home!


Favorite LOLI literally laughed out loud to this.  This is SO us in our house.


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