Mid-Week Confessions

*I use Pinterest way more often than I should for new recipes.  I also have a slight problem where I get stuck on one type of board for a while and am obsessive about it.  Currently, it’s the Women’s Fashion board.

*Actually, I hop on Pinterest as an excuse for meal-planning when I’m really surfing other pages.

*I drink at least 3 liters of water a day.  And yes, I have to pee all.the.time.

*I’m secretly really cocky about how I’m going to do in the Illinois Marathon.  I routinely think I’m going to beat my husbands time.

6.02 mi in 50:37 = 8:24 pace

*Also, I’m a type A runner.  Which is totally going to be a later post.

*I have a slight obsession with wanting to make gluten-free donuts at home.  But, the only thing that’s stopping me is that I don’t want to buy a donut pan.

*Speaking of which, I’m painfully frugal and trying to find balance for that.

*And last for this week, I feel guilty if I sleep in until 7:30am on the weekends.

Phew, I feel way better!  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. 🙂



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