It’s been a busy week…

The second semester of school started this week and I’ve been trying to feel out my new rosters.  I have the same students, but they’re all mixed up so the environments are very different.  My class sizes also range from 14-25, so that’s also throwing a wrench into my routine.


In terms of training, I have been doing just OK.  After last week’s bout of illness, I’m trying to find some serious motivation after doing a full day’s work.  But, frankly, running 6 miles on the gym treadmill with everyone else’s body heat sounds very unappealing.  I’d rather run outside, but it is so stinking cold!  Perhaps I’ll brave the cold this evening and run outside, especially if it’s over 30 when I get home from work.


I’ve been eyeing these pillows lately on Etsy and I am SO tempted to buy them, especially since they’re only $13!  But, could I make them instead?  Probably, if I had a sewing machine.  I just love the chevron…and the navy!


Care of

Care of Etsy




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