Friday Night: Ideal vs. Reality

I love getting home early on Fridays and having an afternoon snack on the couch with C while we watch a couple episodes of Hells Kitchen. Because I was totally inspired by the chefs, I made a beautiful dinner with just pantry basics and then we bunkered down in our jammies in a pile of blankets and pillows and rented a movie on Apple TV complete with a bottle of sine to split. That’s the definition of a perfect Friday night.

Except none of that happened.

I got home almost two hours later than I wanted to. Then, as we watched a couple episodes of HK (what? We really like that show!) I defrosted a couple chicken boobs. As we watched the show, the minor cold I had been nursing all day got worse. After pouting to C, he offered to make dinner while I hopped in the shower to try to alleviate sinus pressure . Dinner was good (I think? I can’t taste anything.) and now I’m cocooned on the couch playing “catch the funny nose”.

At least I have all weekend to get better? Off to go chug NyQuil and beg for C to bring me ice cream (even if I can taste it, it’ll be good for my soul, right?)


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