January Goals

The theme for this month is to “take better care of myself”.  This is probably a no-brainer to a lot of people, but I tend to put everyone else first and myself second, resulting in more than a few negative feelings.

The big ideas for this month are:

  • Take 5 minutes for me at lunch – This is more work related.  I’ve realized I need to take a “chill-out” before seeing kids or adults.
  • Brush, Floss, Rinse – This sounds really gross, I know.  I brush most of the time, but have been slacking off on the other two.  Somehow, I still have had better dental visits than C (knocks on wooden desk).
  • Get dressed everyday – I’ve realized that if I don’t have plans, I will stay in sweats/PJ’s all day on the weekends or days off.  This leads to a complete lack of productivity and I hate feeling like a slob!
  • Go 72mi/hr (car safety) – Again, more work related.  There are two speeds on our local two-lane interstate – 65 (way below the limit) or 85 (way above the limit) – I’m not in a huge rush to get to work, so I should get there on my own time and in a safe manner.
  • Eat French – If you haven’t read the book French Women Don’t Get Fat, you should, like, now.  It’s basically intuitive eating, but way better.

I rocked all of my resolutions yesterday.  Way to start off on a super positive note, right?  I also ran 5 miles (5 down, 1,145 to go!).  Today, I rocked almost all of them.  I got a little carried away at dinner and we ate lunch in the car on our way home from vacation.  I still call a victory on today!

School resumes tomorrow and we have a two day week (tough, I know).  I’m sure my teenagers are going to be THIS excited to be back in school.  I wonder how many of them are going to still be on vacation?  My bet is 5 students.  We’ll see though!

Off to go read.  A daily ritual which I’m trying to get better at.



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