Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! In our household, we started a great tradition of coming back to the old alma later for the first conference game of the year. So, we’ve been hanging around Milwaukee for a couple of days. It’s awesome. Yesterday, the first, we woke up SUPER late and it took every ounce of willpower to go out for my run. And you know? I was so happy I did because I got to run with C along the place where we first fell in love with running – the Milwaukee lakefront. It is such a pretty view and a very long trail. Perfect for a 5 mile run with no music. After we cleaned up, we went to one of the best east side Milwaukee hang outs – the Comet Cafe. Delicious food and an AWESOME atmosphere. They had something called beermosas and I think that’s one of the only times (recently anyways) that I’ve been really bummed that I’m gluten free. After watching a few episodes of Law and Order:SVU to digest, we had dinner at our hosts house and went to the MU vs. UCONN game. We are starting off the year with a MU win!

Some pictures from yesterday:




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